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About Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is an amazing and incredible way to make changes in your life because your thoughts create the world around you every minute of every day.

Our subconscious minds are in are in a sense " hypnotised" by marketing and advertising, television, the movies, radio and even by the people around us.  The subconscious mind is like a pre-programmed car on autopilot.  It will take the familiar road, whether you want to go or not.  It has no ability to steer itself in a new direction because it follows whatever is programmed into it over time.

The Subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination, so it believes whatever it is your tell it!

Think about this the next time you’re having a bad day


Hypnosis s or hypnotherapy is really a very simple concept in essence. Hypnosis is merely focus concentration all Hypnosis is self-induced because no one can be hypnotized against his or her will. Hypnosis is essentially an altered state of consciousness that allows the uncritical acceptance of a suggestion hypnosis is a natural state of mind. However, it’s often misunderstood.


Hypnosis is a process that produces a state of relaxation and height suggestibility


Hypnosis also helps distract the conscious mind which intern allows a no, just access into the imagination


Every time you get lost in thoughts stare out of the window or get into the zone, you experience a form of hypnotic trance hypnosis allows you to overwrite the conscious mind who’s job is it to maintain the stupid quo.


Innocence your whatever you think you are hypnosis helps. You replace those self defeated or limiting thoughts patterns that hold you back in life there’s a conscious mind is like a giant sponge, absorbing everything around it everything you have ever known or be told stays in your mind that destructive self talk many of us engage in keeping us from achieving her goals


Hypnosis has a myriad of applications, including typical things like smoking sensation or weight loss to a typical thing like pain or fear and phobias hypnosis can also be used for the things like natural healing, prosperity, depression, anxiety, motivation, learning, memory, enhancement, alcoholism, and even relationship improvement.


There are essentially little to no side effects from using Hipnosis, although you may feel groggy or drowsy after a session the most important fact to know is that you are always in control, because no one can hypnotize against his or her will .


Hypnosis is a very simple way to make big changes in your life. It affects often accumulator so the more you use it the better and faster it tends to work hypnosis can undo years of unhealthy programming, helping you make changes quickly and easily many therapists and chiropractors are already using hypnosis as part of their therapy bring much more needed validation.


Alternative therapies are becoming much more excepted and Hipnosis is a very great way for people to tackle difficult issues they have been struggling with .


What are the most important things you should know to start out and that the subconscious mind works on a very simple level and is often very childlike because it believes everything you tell it .


So how does hypnosis work when it really comes down to it? It ‘s mind control? Is it magic? It’s not really one of those things but it’s an incredible way to go about making changes in your life. Hypnosis is a tool that gives you access into the subconscious mind where changes are more easily made. It’s really as simple as that .


Your thoughts become things, so it’s important to learn to train your mind to focus on which you want to create. There’s nothing that mysterious when it comes to Hypnosis because it’s a natural state of mind.


So what exactly is Hypnosis you might ask in essence Hypnosis is a state of mind we actually drift in and out of all of the time hypnosis is actually a heightened state of consciousness, but it’s not unconsciousness


In order for hypnosis to be successful, it really only requires three things, motivation, relaxation and positive suggestions . The only real difference between hypnosis and self hypnosis is that in hypnosis subject permits, the hip noticed to bring about a state of relaxation and self hypnosis the relaxation portion is self induced.


You actually go in and out a different state of trance on a regular basis every time you missed an exit on a highway or get lost in thoughts have you ever been immersed in the grade book or a movie? This is also a form of trance, anything that causes your mind to wonder, simulate your imagination, and create a suggestible state, all of which you could be classified as a form of hypnosis.

Myths and misconceptions



Are you afraid that you’ll get stuck in hypnosis? Do you fear that you’ll be forced to do or say something against your will do you think that Hypnosis or brainwashing you or that they have special powers?

Have you heard that only weak minded people can be hypnotized?

Are you afraid of your subconscious mind and wouldn’t me a reveal? Do you feel like Hipnosis is dangerous or that it goes against your religion beliefs? Are you afraid that you will become dependent on the hypnotist?

Better yet or you’re afraid that hypnotist will make you whack like a duck, and make a fool out of yourself?


These are just some of the myths around Hypnosis. Many of us can relate to daydreaming because it’s a normal state of mind for most of us. There are many myths surrounding Hipnosis many if not all of them are simply untrue. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and a state of mind we drift in and out on a daily basis. Every time you get mesmerized by movie get in the zone on the treadmill or get lost in the great book you’re in essence hypnotized think about, when you were in school and you used to stare out of the window lost in thoughts as a teacher talked on and on, even music can hypnotize, some music, in a good way because it can help us relieve stress.


Hypnosis is a simple form of focus concentration, and you’re always in control because all Hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis. No one could be hypnotized against their. Will you have to allow yourself to be hypnotized you never abandon your judgement Hypnosis is not brainwashing, pure and simple.


When you see a doctor, you know his only purpose is to help you and so it is with Hypnosis the active thought placed in your mind or called hypnotic suggestions and they are based on your limited beliefs. When you begin to feel drowsy, all you need to do is relax and go with the flow hypnosis will help you not because of any dominating force, but because of the suggestion will integrate within your force, and listing them on your behalf for your own welfare. To put it in simple terms Hypnosis will help you do what you have been wanting to do but so far, I have been unable to do alone.


As you drift into relax state of consciousness, you will experience during hypnosis you will begin to feel drowsy. Your eyes will start to feel heavy, and you will feel a delightful sets of relaxation coming over you. For many of us this is a natural state experience just before bedtime Hypnosis is simply a means of inducing this state of mind, artificially end of prolonging it to your advantage there’s nothing to be afraid of because you are in charge. The Hypnosis is merely your guide.



Is Hypnosis dangerous?


You’re never had a controlled rest assure you will never do anything goes against your moral or values. All Hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis because you have to allow yourself to become hypnotize stage hypnotists select people were certain characteristics, and people that are highly suggest a bowl and much of the tricks lies in choosing the right kind of person. Hypnosis is not dangerous because you’re always in control. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis either because you’re conscious mind will step back into play in the case of emergency.


And Chivas have already been hypnotized literally thousands of times in our lives because every time your daydreamer get lost in thoughts you’re in fact in a state of hypnotic stress it’s very common natural state of mine is basically focus concentration.


What it feels like to be in hypnosis?


Hypnosis a very relaxing, an equivalent to several hours asleep your eyes will become heavy and you’ll feel a little drowsy. Hypnosis is not the same as sleep, however, although you will most likely feel rested and refreshed after a session, will some people feel like they had not actually been hypnotize other feel as if they’ve woken from a deep sleep it’s not necessarily to be in a deep level of trance in order to make changes, because even light levels are extremely effective. If you could follow instructions and relax, you can be hypnotized.


Can everybody be hypnotized?


The fact of the matter is that anyone can easily be hypnotized because Hypnosis is a very common state of mind. However, if you try self hypnosis and you’re able to relax, you may just want to try again when you feel less stress, caffeine in nerves will sometimes make it difficult for one to achieve a trance like state.


People that are not ideally candidate, for Hypnosis are people that might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or people that have a learning, disability or mental disorder. It’s also recommended that those with epilepsy not to be hypnotize as well, because the state of hypnosis could elicit seizures ( only for those who currently have epilepsy). in addition, Hypnosis may not be suitable for those that have psychosis or mental illness.


Well, I change personalities?


Hypnosis will never change who you are at the court of your being you can use hypnosis to make mirror personality change, like becoming more confident or outgoing, but Hypnosis will not change who you are.


Well, I remember what happened in the session?

You may remember everything for my hypnosis session or you may drift into out of consciousness awareness only remembering a few things that it’s not necessarily to try and pay attention because the subconscious mind is always on alert.


Can I become stuck in hypnosis? What if I don’t wake up?

You cannot become stuck in a hypnosis and don’t have to worry that you won’t wake up because you’re mine is very strong and you always are in charge of your mind.


Well, I be asleep or unconsciously during?

Hypnosis is not the same asleep, although he will most likely feel rested and refreshed after a session Hypnosis is similar to sleep, but it’s not sleep. It’s also not unconsciousness it’s simply relax concentration.


Well, I be able to be hypnotized?

If you can relax and follow some simple instructions, you can be hypnotized it’s not necessarily to be in the deep state of hypnosis to make changes either because of a light State of trance can work just as well as a deep state.


How do I know if I’m hypnotized?

You may not actually know that you’re hypnotized, but if you feel extremely relax, you can hear what is going on, (but you may not move your arms in your legs for some people, not all) You’re most likely hypnotize me also feel a heaviness or tired like you feel immediately before falling asleep.



What is my mind on? Occasions wonders during hypnosis?


It’s OK if your mind wanders, and as a matter fact, it’s completely normal. You will drift in and out of different state of awareness within the session and this is naturally and Normal.







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