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Hello, I'm Nicky,
born in the mid 70's with an opened mind & an opened heart, an empath, extremely sensitive to surroundings, enviroments, other people's energy, very artsy and creative, musically inclined with a view on the world that never followed society's ways. I was raised catholic , feeling and knowing this religion didn't sit well with me, I was naturally spiritual, with knowing so much without knowing how I knew, I just knew... like an old soul.
I became a hairstylist in 1996, a very good one, not just for the great work I can do, with my natural talents, but with how I can connect with people, mentally and spiritually. With the love of humanity, I bring positive energy with a compassionate smile, with no judgement, I've always loved listening to clients, letting them express themselves freely, openly while keeping their shared stories to myself. I even named myself  "The Hairhapist" short for a hair therapist.  But I knew I wanted to help people in a different way as the years went by. 

When pandemic, Covid hit us, I knew (with my knowing) the salon industry would get hit, lockdown for a long time, I needed to keep  my mind busy, in a healthy way, with all this down time, I took some online courses to further learn about spiritual Healing Energie, to understand how to heal our bodies mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I got certified in "Transpersonal Crystal Healing", then I went into Reiki Healing energy, but I didn't quit feel at home yet, I didn't feel complete. Finally I came across Doloris Cannon, online, her books, her videos on Hypnosis Techniques truly got me engulfed with full dedication and so much passion, I needed to learn this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  I am now an Intern, practicing for free,  I've got a few sessions under my belt and I know this is what I want to do, I want to help anyone who is curious about this, interested or better yet a true believer.   Its a beautiful Love healing energy that feeds yours soul and mine.



Read some reviews, and take it from there, see if Nicky is the right practitioner for you.

Click the Blue Reviews box link below,

it will bring you to:Quantum Healers, and then select "Reviews"

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