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About QHHT

What is QHHT or BQH?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques


Beyond Quantum Healing

 by High Vibes Healing



QHHT is person modality, BQH is remote/ online,  for every one who is able to talk vocally while being in a deep, most relax state of all. The induction is a guided meditation, its easy, its fun, it a session that brings you down to a very deep relaxing state of mind, where a thought, an idea, pictures, images, a sense of knowing or sensing comes in, guiding you with information we are looking for at this time. You will be vocalizing what is coming to you, as each questions are being ask.  It's just like having a dream but then, just like a dream we have at night in your sleep, its forgotten all as well, once fully awake. ( you get a copy of a digital recorded vocal, before you leave your appointment, for in person session, or a copy from your session done by Zoom, for a distance session)   You will feel completely relaxed during the session, in a somnambulistic stage, Theta state, thats the same state we are in right before falling asleep, and again right before we wake up, each day/night, its very comfortable and truly natural.


Some clients go back into their past lives, a past life regression is then possible to get in this deeper and ask for healing for it all. When someone goes into a past life, it most likely has some relevance to their present life today.  Some clients stay in todays life, and some others goes on different, interesting, fun adventures, everyones session is very unique, comfortable, relaxing and safe. The session takes you down towards a discovery, to see what circle of life paths you can’t seem to notice on your own  ( like repeating the same mistake and not getting any results doing so, and /or not noticing yourself, consciously, how you’re doing the same mistakes over and over again, and not being able to move forward, away from the same life cycle) this goes on for about one hour-ish, then we call in your higher self, your subconscious, your master God, your Spirit ( we can call it whatever you are most comfortable calling it) to be able to answer all of your questions and inquire to find out the purpose, the lessons, the significant and importance of all things that you may be struggling with or stuck with or even just curious about.  During this part of the session, which is another hour, we also ask, during this time, for a full body healing, healing anything that is a bad habit you' would like to eliminate or anything physical, emotional or spiritual or attached to you.

This technique is very empowering to each person that has had a session, as long as your keep listening to the recording provided by the practitioner.  The more often you listen to your recording, even years to come, it will always bring you healing, in the most profound ways.

This technique was developed, invented and specialized by Dolores Cannon, 45 years experiences and so successful. Dolores Cannon passed away in 2014, her Daughter Julia Cannon is carrying over her mother's technique, You can find Dolores Cannon online, on YouTube-QHHT sessions , I also included some of her short videos below.  Dolores asked during healing session how do "They" want to be referred as, and they said we can call them what ever we want. Dolores calls them the SC, short for Subconscious, but it's not the same subconscious that therapist refer to, this Subconscious is powerful, beautiful and wonderful  it's total love energy that has the answers to everything with instant effective healing.

Your Subconscious, your oversoul, your intuition, your inside voice, your higher self, (what ever you want to name it, "They" don't care for labels, so what ever you are comfortable calling it, is just fine.) comes forward and explains what you are here to learn about yourself, while your Subconscious can help you heal most of your health concern, requested on your list, and some times it can heal them all.











More About QHHT

There is so many QHHT Practitioner, world wide, sharing their   conversations on YouTube, you can search for;
QHHT Sessions,

 More About BQH  

There is so many QHHT Practitioner, world wide, sharing their   conversations on YouTube, you can search for;  BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing)

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