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Sessions can be in person appointment using QHHT Technique or online using Zoom with BQH Technique.

When you book a session, set aside a full day, don't make any commitments for afterwards. You will need time to eat a heavy meal right after your session. This is a strong obligation, you MUST EAT AFTER YOUR SESSION this is to ground yourself  back down, and you will need time to reflect on this day.

This Booking is a minimum of  5 hours and can last as long as 7 + hours.


You will be asked to make two list. 

One about your health problems ( about 12 to 15 questions )

It can be, anything from physical pain,

emotional pain, addictions, spiritual, bad habits, diseases, illnesses, inherited health issues, anything at all that is health related .

And then a second list (another 12 to 15 questions) of personal questions, examples: about your life’s direction, relationship questions, any career questions, home situations, unknown doubts, fears, uncertainty, or why something happened to you, a past event that still sits with wonder, something about your upbringing, future benefits, what is your purpose in life, and what are your gifts.  It can also be questions about someone else, who passed away, or some else's health discomfit.  All questions are great questions.

The session is not an hourly fix, this session takes as long as it needs to be, the first 2-3+ hours is an interview just the two of us, alone, nobody else present or allowed at this session, even if you have a partner / friend who travels miles, for this session, no exceptions, this is between you and the practitioner . Nicky needs to get know you, prior to the actual session, this is to ensure she fully understand what you want to achieve. Going through all your health problems, health concern and health occurrences, then we go through your life together, as much as possible to give Nicky the right informations, so she can successfully understand and address your sessions needs, to fully grasp your concerns and your needs to address your higher self, the Subconscious to help you in the best way possible, this means getting Into some details some times about everything ...  from your up bringing, siblings, friends, your school years, your relationships, your careers, your health, everything right up until today.  Then we go through your two list together. Following this, I will explain the process and what it's all about, to assure your comfort.

We talk about you, your life, your listed items And we get to know each other comfortably, so you are able to relax during this session at ease with trust. Then we break for a lunch / snack / pee break ( about 30 min)

After Break, we start the session,

Having you laying down comfortably on a Lazy Boy recliner, you can lay or just lift the legs, as long as you are comfortable, staying fully dressed, only your shoes come off, this session is digitally recorded ( vocally in person or recored using Zoom for online appointments) you get a copy of the recording before you leave the session, or for online sessions, an email copy will be sent to you after your session.

During this session of relaxation theta state, you are partly consciously aware, but once you are fully awake you start forgetting like we do with dreams, thats why you get a copy of the recording, so you can listen to it again when you are home. And you MUST take the following three days + or nights to listen to the recording, this is part of the healing journey, and commit to keep listening to your recording as often as required, this is when all the recording informations makes more sense to you, and you will notice a lot of changes. The more often you are able to listen to the recording, the better your results, even 6 months to a year later, this recording will bring you comfort and you will hear it and take the information differently each time, benefiting you each time you listen to it.

The session is no longer then two hours long, I can’t go any longer then two hours.

After the session is over, we discuss everything that was said, during the theta state, and discuss how everything got healed, and how the healing will continue for the next three + days/nights, the next coming days to weeks coming  and we will discuss how all the questions got answered, so you get a full grasp on the session and feel comfortable leaving with a new body and soul, ready to continue your life journeys refreshed with clarity.

After this session, it’s a MUST to go eat a heavy full meal, to ground yourself back down, DON'T GO TO BED!

You’ll feel fresh and better then the state you were in before this session



The night before your session, it's highly recommended to have no alcohol, no recreational substance. This is to prepare your soul and bring it to presents in its most natural form and existence, if you cheat this part of preparing, you WILL cheat yourself from a successful session and waist both of our time away.  Set some quiet relaxing time alone, have some soft relaxation music, healing music ( you can find using You Tube for free) and read over your two lists. Hydrate with water,  water is very important. Stay away from the radio, tv and social media,  this is to better relax your mind and prepare your energy to invite your subconscious so your session has a better outcome. Go to bed early, get plenty of sleep.


Before your session, the morning of, refrain from any alcohol, no drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)... the session won't work if your mind is under the influence.

Have a clean eating diet, eat clean, green, fruits, vegetables, anything from the earth that isn't from a can, jar, bag or box, as healthy as possible, no grease, no heavy foods and drink water. The morning of, no more then one cup of coffee max, coffee can ruin this session all together, so please, I ask you kindly to refrain from coffee or anything caffeinated.   Take the morning to relax in a quiet space environment, meditate if that’s part of your morning routine, if it's not, have some quiet alone time again with some healing music, no tv. no radio and no social media, or go for a nature walk, or just a walk, alone.










If this sounds like something you’ve been wanting to try or interested in trying,
start by writing down questions and concerns that you wish to address in your session, message Nicky to book a session.
Leave your 
expectations at home and allow yourself this very unique experience.

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